Old School PR & Public Relations is Dead

atlantic city is pr dead?
Does Traditional PR Work Anymore?

You may have noticed that newspapers are not only getting thinner, but they’re now very thinly staffed. That means tough times for those looking to get some freebie news coverage. Soft & fluffy business features and local announcements hardly rarely make it into the paper.

As your pleas to local journalists and reporters go un-noticed, you could have written a few blogs posts, built an informative web page, or even set up a LinkedIn page devoted to your so-called press-worthy news story.

Ever consider spending some time on SEO or SEM? Search Engine Optimization makes it easier for Google to find your business or story. If you have a few bucks, you could have paid for some SEM; Search Engine Marketing.

Just because you pay somebody to write a witty PRESS RELEASE… doesn’t mean that PR story is going to get picked up by the few remaining Newspapers still in operation.

Read more at http://www.prweek.com/article/1342932/no-no-trust-me-purpose-pr-dead#mLY0Pe3HJJ6it88V.99

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