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Hyper-Local News Websites, Work-Flow and WordPress. Fall 2019.

What have we learned over the past 6 months of managing hyper-local news sites in the Atlantic City area? Glad you asked. Driving traffic to local news websites via social media is getting tougher. Unless you pay to boost. Even if you do, most of your followers / fans / …

What Happens When Local Newspapers Downsize or Shut Down.

Cities where newspapers shut down or downsize too much, see increase in government costs. Why? Lack of scrutiny over local deals, say researchers tracking the decline …

Hyper Local News Best Practices Spring 2019

Here’e a quick summary of best practices for those looking to succeed in the Hyper Local news & marketing space. Cut costs to the bone. …

Poynter Scandal – Why Very Few Trust Newspapers & Mainstream Media

The dying legacy media. Sad to watch our former information gatekeepers called newspaper, TV and Radio bleed jobs. Local newspapers suffering sharp declines in circulation …

Hyper-Local News and Marketing Update Spring 2019

We started our hyper local news and marketing journey back in 2007. While attending a NYC conference, speaker Jeff Jarvis asked me what my website …

Best Practices for Hyper-Local Website and Marketing Success in 2019

Back in 2007 when we launched our digital marketing consultancy, local newspaper and radio were still fairly successful. While both of thee traditional media platforms …

Old School Email Marketing. More Important, More Effective Than Ever.

It’s not sexy, but good old-fashioned email is still the most effective way to communicate and market online. Fans of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube understandably …

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