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Hyper Local News

How to fill the void left behind by declining newspaper industry.

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Disrupting Radio & Newspaper. Podcast Powers Web in Atlantic City

Guest interview on AC Primetime Radio. Playground Pier, Atlantic City. One of the most effective additions to our work with local news websites….has been ‘pod-casting’. Simply put, pod-casting is just audio and radio on-demand. It’s the ability to listen to your favorite radio station, on-air host or topic of choice…whenever …

Digital Outdoor Advertising in Atlantic City – Boardwalk ADS

Outdoor advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising. Big, bold, simple….and placed next to large groups of those passing by. A company called …

Re-Inventing Municipal Communications With WordPress

Small business has already embraced the power of WordPress for online marketing and communication. Our work with lawyers, restaurants, real estate agents, home builders and …

PODCAST Strategy for Newspaper and Radio Survival

Pod-casting is just one tactic that Newspapers are well qualified to leverage in their quest for re-invention…and survival. Radio and local advertisers would be wise …

Small Business Marketing Makeover, Radio & Newspaper Decline

For decades, Radio and Newspaper advertising worked reasonably well for local business. Much of this success was due to the pseudo-monopoly held by media companies. …

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