PATCH Platform Sold to Hyper-Local Publishers?

Recent PATCH patter about AOL chief; Tim Armstrong, includes discussion of possibly using the craptastic PATCH cms platform as a SaaS (software as a service) targeted at indie publishers.

Comments from former PATCHER & Baltimore Sun exec; Tim Windsor, caught my eye on the Street Fight site. Tim submits that the oft-derided WordPress content management system is many levels better than the current PATCH platform. We agree and apparently so does CBS Broadcast with their wholesale adoption of WordPress at their O & O’S. ( owned & operated )

 “The Patch CMS remains many generations behind even WordPress.”  Tim Windsor

As readers of this blog know, we’re big fans of WordPress. Why? Because it’s relatively simple to use, it updates fast, it’s easy to tweak and WP allows us to avoid geeks that would charge an arm & leg for web development. Matter of fact, we just upgraded all of our clients sites to WordPress 3.8 and it was done with a click of a button. Sweet. Oh, did I mention that were running HTML 5, everything is mobile responsive and I have NO technical background?

Our deepest heart-felt condolences to those trapped on any other platform, especially JOOMLA.

My experience with local news platforms and digital content management for local media dates back to when I was a sales rep for Worldnow. It was a great experience and CEO Gary Gannaway treated me and the staff incredibly well. During my time there, I noticed potential conflicts bubbling up from local TV stations. It wasn’t a technical, content or service issue. That was all fine. It had to do with local TV management having little or no interest/understanding of making money with their digital assets.

Those that controlled the websites were salaried execs with much bigger fish to fry at their local media property. That was a real problem for me, since I was trying to rep & sell into their local web inventory. This situation also reared it’s ugly head during my time as Digital Manager for Clear Channel Radio, Calkins Newspapers and FOX-29 TV in Philadelphia.

Today, I’m rarely helping local business through the middle men of TV, Radio & Newspaper, even though I wish I could. We totally understand how scary and disruptive the WordPress powered hyper-local movement is.

We now just GO DIRECT to the local business community using WordPress powered sites like BrigantineNOW and other cloud based tools like MailChimp, Vimeo and FreshBooks. We also develop complete marketing plans for local business. Some examples:




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