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Guest interview on AC Primetime Radio. Playground Pier in Atlantic City.
Guest interview on AC Primetime Radio. Playground Pier, Atlantic City.

One of the most effective additions to our work with local news websites….has been ‘pod-casting’. Simply put, pod-casting is just audio and radio on-demand. It’s the ability to listen to your favorite radio station, on-air host or topic of choice…whenever and where ever you want. Just click & listen. And yes, we think this is going to disrupt traditional radio… even more than mp3’s, streaming and satellite radio.

Pod-casting Adds Real Value to WordPress Powered News Websites

The name ‘pod-casting’ was created back when iPods were the common way to listen to mp3’s and other downloadable audio. Props to ex-MTV VJ Adam Curry (the ‘Pod-father’) for pioneering this tech.

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Why do we record & upload our shows? More people listened to content online & on-demand, than our over-the-air broadcast on the local Radio station in town.

When we did afternoon drive (3-6pm) on WPG 1450 in Atlantic City, we noticed how limited the signal strength was. It didn’t reach very far. WPG 1450 am; a Townsquare Media station, is very heavy in conservative, far-right political talk and non-local programming. This wiped out over 50% of the potential audience, right off the bat. It also didn’t help that WPG radio didn’t do any street marketing, and didn’t have a program director. These facts had a substantial and detrimental effect on our LIVE afternoon broadcast.

We loved doing a live Radio show at Townsquare Media in the Atlantic City market. This sweet but brief time re-kindled our love of Radio….. just not the old-school traditional kind of Radio that’s well past it’s prime.

Our 3 hour program at WPG 1450am in Atlantic City was perfect place to record and upload our shows to the Internet.

Our research proved that on-demand listening of our show was growing fast. Most of the listening was AFTER the live show…..at a later date & time….on smart phones, iPads and desktop computers. That’s what we call On-Demand Radio. A much better and more accurate term than pod-casting.

Listeners consumed our audio content on ACprimetime.com, Stitcher, Tune-in, iTunes, and now Google Play. All of these audio platforms support our primary goal of growing traffic to ACprimetime.com and converting those listeners to eMail subscribers.

Listen to ACprimetime Radio with Mel Taylor

Still skeptical about on-demand radio / audio? Well, remember…..CBS, NBC and other TV platforms blew off other ‘on-demand’ upstarts like NETFLIX at one time. And the soon-to-be-sold CBS Radio portfolio is even more proof of how consumers feel about old school, terrestrial radio.

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What pod-casting tools are we using on our Hyper-Local News websites? Glad you asked.

ACprimetime Radio uses the following tools. (updated Oct 25, 2020)

  • Mackie 8 Channel Mixer
  • Behringer MDX 4600 for compression/limiter/gate
  • EV-320 Microphone for studio
  • ATR-2100 Microphones for field interviews
  • Zoom H4n Pro 2016 version
  • Audacity for simple editing (free)
  • Hindenberg Journalist Pro
  • Camtasia for video capture & editing
  • Snag-it for image capture
  • Photo-shop lite
  • Audioblocks for sfx & music beds
  • RSS feeds to i-Tunes, Stitcher Radio and Google Play
  • Samsung Galaxy S-10+

Our favorite software and online services:

  • WordPress
  • WPengine Managed Hosting
  • Cloudways Hosting
  • GoDaddy for Domain Management
  • Blubrry for audio hosting and RSS Syndication
  • Astra
  • Kadence
  • Elementor
  • MailChimp
  • Mailer-Lite
  • Google Apps for Business
  • WPforms
  • Fivver
  • Envato Elements
  • Microsoft 365
  • Lynda.com for training
  • School of Podcasting

Visit ACprimetime.com and listen to ACprimetime Radio

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