Podcamp East This Weekend in Wilmington

Podcamp East Wilmington

Podcamp East could change your life. That’s what Social Media Mogul; Ken Grant, says……That’s why I’m honored to be presenting a session focused on digital sales & revenue.

Every time I’ve attended Podcamp, I’ve been exposed to ideas, concepts, tools, and insights that I had never known before.

Podcamps are a ‘Who’s Who’ of Digital and New Media superstars. Sessions at Podcamp have ranged from effective interviewing techniques to ‘What gear do I need to produce a great podcast’ to ‘Linked In for Business’ and more. The sessions are all based on what people want to present, with a few rules that govern “No sales/pitching” and that Sponsors should make every part to be part of the community and event, rather than by-standers. COST: $20 (yes, only $20 for the weekend!)

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