How to Price & Position your Hyperlocal Online Inventory.

Students of our online training courses & traveling workshops already know secret about pricing online inventory. Well, it’s not really a secret. It’s a public fact that many in traditional media would prefer to ignore.

Smart TV, Radio & Newspaper execs already know that you should treat your digital sales inventory the SAME EXACT way you treat your traditional inventory. We’ve sat through one too many conference where the VP of Digital for some failing Newspaper was discussing the going rate /CPM in his small market.

Each time we hear someone talking about CPM’s, we throw up in our mouth a little.

Another thing that makes us nauseous?  Local media companies that have a million different product to sell……and the inventory is controlled by a NON sales person.

Here’s a sample of one of our top rated online training courses.

Price and Position. Hyper-local Online Inventory. Sept 2013 from Mel Taylor Media on Vimeo.

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