Can Radio Overcome Web Objections?

The latest addition to our popular webinar series.

SESSION: Overcoming the NEW client objections to Internet. Can Radio can win against Groupon, Reach Local, Patch & other web advertising competition?

Groupon LogoLocal business owners are moving larger portions of their ad budgets to online. Over 50% of this spend is being placed with online-only companies, based outside the market. Do your sellers know who these outsiders are, and how to effectively sell against them?

In addition to TV & Newspaper sites, Radio now competes against upstarts like Groupon, Reach Local, Patch, Search resellers, Hyper-Local ad networks, geo-targeted Pandora offerings, and others. Many of these online competitors are less than a year old, but are gaining serious traction with local business owners.

In this session, we spotlight these fast growing competitors of Radio, and clearly show how to effectively respond and position against them.

This webinar is NOT focused on theory, research and charts. Instead, you’ll get proven and actionable steps to help your reps close more Internet deals, even when the client says:

  • I’m top 3 in Google search results…don’t need you
  • We have a Facebook page and use Twitter often
  • Reach Local helps me with all of our web needs
  • We’re going to try Groupon & FourSquare
  • Radio/Cable/Newspaper is enough
  • The Newspaper site has more page-views than you
  • How much web traffic can you send me?
  • I tried web before, didn’t see any results

1 thought on “Can Radio Overcome Web Objections?”

  1. Great topic! One that I find myself touching on with our sales staff when talking about Digital. Knowing the competition is vital! But sometimes having this conversation with reps who have been selling only Radio for 10+ years can be challenging!

    Once everyone is up to speed on web fundamentals… I think you can dive in deeper with questions about what they’re doing online… what’s working in the digital space… and what’s not. Just like we have been for years with broadcast sales. Finding out these details can often help us identify a digital opportunity, just like it did with the ‘needs analysis’ we did for broadcast.

    In my opinion, the big benefit of a digital + broadcast campaign is just that! Building the foundation with digital… then supporting it with commercials, promos, on-site events, endorsements, etc… results in a dynamic campaign that gets results! And if we can show a history of success with dynamic integrated campaigns… it’ll speak loud and clear to our local business owners!

    Thanks for the post!

    Tim Hall

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