Can Radio Build Hyper Local Web Business?

Ever taken a really good look at some Radio station websites? Aside from the layout and content, (some harshly call them a train-wreck) have you ever wondered how Radio can build a hyper-local business, and drive Internet revenue from these efforts?

Radio managers are knee-deep in these issues right now.

The pressure is on. While Radio’s primary revenue stream of selling spots has become much more challenging, there is an upside. Radio has the best of both worlds; on-air and online.

And it’s not just about selling banners and streaming spots. More importantly: Radio has ability to leverage it’s digital assets, to go after more of their client’s overall budgets. THAT’s a key distinction that separates the winners from the losers.

How can Radio seriously get into hyper-local game? First, it must admit that they need more outside help. Today, there are still too few people inside of the industry that have a handle on the fast changing digital landscape. Research, cool aps, and streaming will not be enough to get it done. And just relying on the local sales managers, or the GM’s to develop a strong web plan will only delay the pain of making a serious investment in hiring and re-training. Finding web-sales experts to help Radio will not be easy, but it will be necessary.

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