Radio, WordPress & Hyper-Local News

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Most Radio station websites are a mess. Useless content and chaos, and they leave a butt load of money on the table.

With Newspapers bleeding readers and revenue, Radio…..especially LIVE news & talk Radio, can literally fill that void left behind by the once mighty local Newspaper. WordPress is one of the best tools, if not THE BEST tool to use for this mission. Hi-end digital expertise is not needed to use WordPress. This does not make your webmaster or VP Digital happy.

Have a live morning show with local news and some kind of news staff? You’re a prime candidate to put another nail in the coffin of your print competitor.

Radio can drive listeners to their own website, or any site for that matter. Even a custom, landing page for a promotion or sponsor contest. WordPress makes that real easy.

With WordPress, Radio can finally grab a piece of something it NEVER had before: classified dollars.

Our hyper-local news sites in South Jersey are slowly siphoning off readers, advertisers…..and classified listings from the Brigantine local papers. It’s happening even faster since one of the local papers put up a paywall. is not burdened with printing costs and legacy work flow. We can jump on tools & software almost immediately. Think we can help you? Just reach out. I bet we can.

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