Randy Michaels Goes after Philly Radio & Newspaper

Can ex-Tribune Newspaper chief; Randy Michaels, make an impact in Philly? His New York & Chicago properties already changed format…away from news. Can Randy make NEWS work in Philly? Randy’s Merlin Media recently launched WWIQ Radio, better known as IQ 106.9 fm. Talk is the format. CBS Radio in Philadelphia will feel the brunt of this effort at their Talk Radio 1210 am. Salem Communications will also take a hit with their talker featuring Micheal Medved, Dennis Miller, Michael Savage and Dennis Prager. Will Merlin figure out how to use the Internet? Will digital and online be a profitable part of the operation? Probably not. They still use a lame CMS platform & online strategy from Emmis Interactive. Geez. So 1999. ( CORRECTION: they are moving to WordPress it seems…. thx Lance. see comments below) Miss the report I did about Radio, Sales, and Online News?. <<<<Click to watch. After the morning show, the lineup will include Glenn Beck, Rush and Sean Hannity. Former KYW-TV anchor Larry Mendte is part of the station in morning drive. Mendte sees Philadelphia Radio and Newspaper as “old and stale”. We agree. Watch Larry’s YouTube video below.  ( we like pic of his lovely wife; Dawn Stensland in background )  

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