Sales-Based Use of Video

When will local newspaper websites and hyper local blogs start making money with video? That’s a question I get asked quite often. My short answer: When newspapers start giving video equipment to sales departments

Research shows that the big money in online video, for now, is NOT in editorial & news content. Rather, it’s in promotion, demonstration & advertorial-based video content.

It’s insane that Newspapers, TV, Radio & independent websites aren’t paying attention to this trend. Instead, they’ve mainly focused on editorial or programming based video. This is where journalists mimic old school techniques of TV anchors and reporters.

Heavy investment in digital video cams for staff, Final Cut Pro editing software and training are good things. But why do we think these smart investments are for newsrooms only?

In theory, telling or enhancing text based stories with video is powerful and compelling. In practice though, it’s a money pit.

Video views have sputtered making sales more difficult. Enthusiasm has diminished in some newsrooms as it becomes apparent, that even the best production value and subject matter doesn’t always translate into journalistic and sales success.

Does video on left, bring ANYTHING of value to this reporter’s piece? While this journalist is personable and can speak well, this is just like placing a camera in front of a radio talk show. Booooring.

While basic production quality is solid, it cries out for still image overlays or video b-roll of content being discussed. Sound like too much work? Then don’t do this type of video. Especially if you can’t attract viewers and a sponsor.

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