Should Social Media Companies face Anti-Trust Laws?

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter control a majority of news and information around the globe. Should they get broken up? Have they run afoul of anti-trust law?

Even tech companies like Amazon can remove you from their services if your business model or editorial content stray too far from certain political narratives.

Oil companies, railroads and telecom. Eventually, the Federal Government had to break em up when they grew too big and powerful. They had the power to Destroy all competitors.

Bill Gates & Microsoft caught hell when they got into the browser business. WINDOWS leveraged their ubiquitous operating system….to crush the Netscape browser….which allowed EXPLORER browser to thrive.

Even employees of Facebook think the social media giant needs a break-up. Some say Zuckerberg needs to go too.

Remember when local newspapers & TV stations would do investigations like this? These days, indie-journos like Project Veritas are showing us how to do that thing called ‘Watchdog Journalism’.

How did our once mighty newspapers get so fkkd up ?

One suggested way to fix this……

Newspapers need to get less WOKE.

Do you want to come back from the brink of oblivion? Fire your activist editors….. and use that money to invest in a fresh crop of non-partisan journalists. Or, at the very least, add more balance to your news coverage.

Why only hammer the orange man, but give Joe a major pass? Newspapers ignoring Joe’s cognitive decline could be the last straw.

As a newspaper person, aren’t you embarrassed? Even a little?

YouTube reporters and WordPress journos are kicking your ass.

Keep the activism in the OPINION section.

Just sayin’

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