Newspaper’s Potentially Fatal Move with Facebook

racoon gator facebook newspaper
The Risk of Working with Facebook

Really smart people… sometimes make…. not-so-smart decisions. This thought came to mind as I witness Newspaper companies increasingly cede control of their most important asset: local reader and advertiser relationships.

Facebook Instant Articles is the latest crack cocaine being offered as a free taste from Mark Zuckerberg. Once sampled, this content-sucking platform is quickly embraced and heralded by desperate media leadership. Those who fall for this offering, we believe, not only have limited strategic foresight, but they’re concurrently killing their industry while building up another.

Feed the Beast: Digital Sharecropping is Real & Dangerous as Newspapers Rely on Facebook

Another Facebook coup is their magical ability to convince Newspaper management that re-selling Facebook ads and other social media campaigns is a quick-fix for financial success online. A short term bump in digital revenue? Probably. A long term sales solution that protects local advertiser relationships? No freekin’ way.


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