Driving Innovation, Culture Change, Digital Training

Local Broadcast, Newspaper & Hyper local organizations asked for simple, proven and affordable ways to help grow their digital efforts. 360 Media Alliance is for those who no longer can throw money at expensive research & conferences, that offer little actionable value. “We saw other programs that were just not getting the job done and our team knew we could create the absolute best solution for local media companies”.

Key features:

  • Free & low cost, monthly memberships.
  • Cooperative services
  • Full access to an always growing, video archive
  • Weekly, live webinars are included in the base price ( to keep everyone current )
  • Training is lead by sales pros w/ over 20 years experience in Web, Broadcast & Newspaper
  • Ability to create in-house & custom versions for media organizations
  • Endorsed by leading Newspaper, TV and Radio leaders

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