Social Media Not Enough. Why Local Business needs a Professional Website

Relying entirely on social media is risky. No matter how free and easy, you don’t own your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube page. But with a website, you can own it. Control it.

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Covid made websites even more important.

82% of US small business owners find their website to be an essential part of their businesses’ success.

Why you must have a real website: Control your online content & brand

A website provides complete control over all content: blog posts, photos, media, and contact information. Website owners choose how info is presented and shared.

When your content is only on social media, all of your information is available at the discretion of the social network.

If the social network goes down or experiences bugs, your information disappears from public view until resolved.

Over the last year, Facebook and Instagram have experienced several significant incidents, leaving users without access for hours and sometimes days.

Some platforms declining in popularity. Some at risk of being shuttered or banned. See TIK TOK, VINE
Social networks can change their rules… anytime.

In 2018, Facebook changed their rules. More personal content and less from news outlets and business content creators. Small businesses saw drastic drop in Facebook traffic.

Websites are more trust-worthy

80% of web users relay on search engines to find what they’re looking for. Websites make you more visible and findable.

Businesses with no website, or a poorly designed site, are far less visible to new buyers.

A website lets businesses dictate how they appear in GOOGLE and search engines.

Business owners SEO tactics. Boost your ranking on Google using keywords.

Your web presence and credibility are inter-connected.

Search engines have a high level of trust with consumers, often using them before they make a purchase. But… public trust in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is on the slow decline.

Limitations on Creativity.

  • Twitter has a 280 character limit
  • Instagram videos no longer than 15 seconds
  • YouTube places advertising in front of your video

Social media can’t replace a business website. Social media keeps your online presence confined to a small (and sometimes uncomfortable) space on the internet.

Social media policies and algorithms can change at a moment’s notice, and that could have a major impact on your business if you aren’t in control.

Digital Sharecropping. Invest in something you own. Don’t build on land you don’t control.

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