Wisconsin Newspapers. Digital First Sales & Operations

This Friday, Feb 24,  I will present 3 big sessions for the Wisconsin Newspaper Association Convention in Madison.

Digital Workflow for Newspaper. Moving a newspaper’s operations to the cloud is more than just a cool idea. It is steadily becoming an industry norm. In this session, online revenue expert Mel Taylor highlights the top techniques of digital workflow, who’s doing it best, and common mistakes to avoid. Among topics to be discussed: 24/7 operations and the ‘Digital First’ newsroom; the downside of separate digital divisions; reducing operational costs while increasing editorial coverage; the multi-media seller; fully equipped and ready to close.

Run Your Newspaper Website as a Profit First Business. Digital is on the verge of becoming the second largest stream of advertising dollars. Maybe it’s time we get serious about getting a bigger piece of that action? This isn’t brain surgery. There is no need for more research or get-rich-quick schemes. We just have to run the digital news business like our print business – where revenue, profit, and realistic sales tactics must comer first. Mel Taylor counts down the top 10 proven tactics guaranteed to drive online revenue at your newspaper.

Best Practices for Revenue; Mobile and Social. Consumers spend an ever-growing part of their day with smart phones, Facebook, and YouTube. Understandably, newspapers are also placing more time and effort with these platforms in order to ‘follow the eyeballs’. While many news organizations do a solid editorial job with mobile and social venues, most struggle to make money with these efforts. Online revenue expert Mel Taylor will share specific steps for your newspaper to realize a profit from these popular digital incentives.


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