WordPress Hyper-Local News Site: Reaching Passive Real Estate Customers

At one time, Newspaper was the #1 place to start your home buying or apartment rental search. But no more. The Internet has virtually decimated that once fertile revenue stream.

The Internet is also a real pain in the a$$ for Real Estate agents as well. Most agents are forced to pay crazy rates to online pure-plays like Trulia, Zillow & Realtor.com.

Agents literally ‘back back their own leads’. This can easily cost $1,000 per month.

What’s a Real Estate agent to do? They’re forced to buy print by their clients, even though effectiveness of Newspaper platform has fallen off cliff.

Wasteful & expensive billboards are also a favorite with agents. While these old-school boards can certainly help with branding & awareness, most agents just re-purpose their print ads for those road side billboards, resulting in a nasty visual that’s almost impossible  to comprehend as you fly by at 60 mph.

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