WordPress Threatens Vendors for Newspaper, TV & Radio


Been using WordPress since 2007. I started with WordPress.com just to get my feet wet with this CMS. After 2 years, I took the plunge and migrated the site over to the self-hosted version. So glad I did.

Jump ahead 7 years and I’m attending my very first WordCamp; 2 days of workshops and networking for those who love….or who are trying to love WordPress. 20 bucks well spent.

In one of the sessions, the topic was big media and WordPress. Those associated with Comcast, Automatic were on the panel. There was even some ex-Digital First Media folks in the house.

Quite refreshing to hear stories of how WordPress was becoming a common tool in a growing collection of media companies.

I decided to chime in with a question.

Is WordPress a threat to the business models of vendors like TownNews, WorldNOW, Saxotech, etc?  Can WordPress do everything these vendors can do… and more….at a cheaper price?

The answer was: YES.


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