WordPress for Local News Organizations

Want to get started with WordPress? It’s the fastest growing, easiest to use CMS / Content Management System today.

Need a full-blown local news or small business site? Want to create websites for small business, special events or promotions? We’re now offering BEGINNER & ADVANCED WordPress classes.using our LIVE, online classroom. You get private, one-on-one instruction using the absolute BEST cms platform for web publishing….WordPress.

See how we used WordPress with BrigantineNOW.com to beat the local newspaper.

These WordPress classes are for:

  • Newsroom pros that were down-sized, but want to stay in journalism.
  • Someone who knows their town. They could run a site, if they had tools & training
  • Sales reps who wants to offer simple websites and landing pages
  • Someone frustrated by their current CMS; Content Management System.
  • A local blogger that wants to exploit the ‘pay-wall’ of a newspaper

BONUS: We’ll show you how WordPress-powered websites like BrigantineNOW are growing readers & advertisers.



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