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Your Banner Ads Suck. How to Fix Your Internet Marketing Plan.

Nothing kills Internet revenue for hyper local media…. like crappy banner design. You work so hard explaining the benefits of advertising on your local news-site. Then you blow it. You either have an overworked print designer create the banner, or you outsource the design work to someone who has no idea what the client wants….

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Hyper-Local Ads and Editorial Graphics

Design and development of graphics is a critical part of any website management plan. It’s even more important for those running Hyper-Local news & info sites like or Marketing campaigns should always be developed with a ‘digital-first strategy.’ Once a campaign is designed & developed for online, it can then be ported and…

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How To Fix TOP 5 Small Business Web Marketing Problems

After all these years, do small businesses STILL struggle with common internet marketing challenges? Yes, many still do. When made aware of their web marketing shortcomings, the smart ones fix ’em. Others ignore ’em. And yes, some business owners are taking advice from those with questionable, digital marketing skills. Not updating Google for Local Business….

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Borrell Reminds Radio That Digital Doom Still Lurking

Hear that giant sucking sound? That’s the noise of ad dollars flowing out of radio and newspaper, and into digital marketing products / solutions. Is radio & newspaper dead? Not entirely, but it’s quickly moving in that direction. Not only for readers and listeners, but primarily for advertisers, aka: small business owners. Gordon Borrell Still…

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Local Newspaper & TV Still Use Failing CPM Model

Some (too many) local news sites are still practicing outdated methods of pricing their ad inventory. Specifically, the CPM or cost per thousand model of online pricing. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal highlighted this crisis via the explosion of news sites and the Ad inventory contained within, along with automated ad exchanges…

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Fixing Common Mistakes of Newspaper Websites

Before a local advertiser hands over a portion of their marketing budget, they will take a good hard look at your site. They’re not interested in pageviews and CPM’s. All they care about is whether or not the sales rep is going to make them look great online….which will lead to increased sales. Is your…

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Can Local Media Attract Small Business?

It’s a fact. Local advertisers are moving more of their marketing dollars….to online. Understandably, sales reps for newspapers, radio and the Yellow Pages are not amused. While revenues are dropping at traditional media properties, they’re actually growing at digital-first companies that focus on helping the local advertiser. Have ya noticed? Pink slips and lay-offs happen…

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Local TV, Radio & Newspapers Learn from Theme Parks ?

Took a break from┬áposting for a few days due to some business travel in the Sunshine State. And as you could imagine, there are some nice benefits of having clients in Florida: getting a tan, taking a swim, and visiting the Orlando theme parks. Nothing like putting the Blackberry away, turning off the cell phone…

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Dirty Little Secret. Little Profit in Web Buying?

Love that new show on AMC called Madmen. ( short for Madison Ave men ). The story of a 1960’s advertising agency pushing Lucky Strikes, Department stores, etc. Great snapshot of that time in advertising history. It’s especially interesting from the viewpoint of where advertising is headed today. Placing big buys on Broadcast and in Newspapers garners a…