If Steve Jobs Ran Your Newspaper, TV or Radio Station

Loved the movie ‘JOBS’. Reminds me of this article I wrote a while back. But first… a look at the JOBS movie trailer: The story of Steve Jobs is beyond epic. There’s not many who could change the world of personal computers, music, phones and animated films in one lifetime. …

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The Re-Invention of Newspaper, TV & Radio Journalism

Re-inventing the Newspaper. Why? Because it’s not journalism that’s dead,. Rather, it’s the print platform that’s on it’s last legs. What business are you in?  Radio? TV? Newspaper? Watch this video from 2009 from Michael Rosenblum. Most of what Mike shares, still holds true today.

7 Habits of Profitable, Hyper Local News

Still no sustainable business model for online news? That’s crazy talk!

Quite often, we read reports of online editorial success and greater activity in the hyper-local space. Far too many announcements include remarks about revenue plans being explored, or the difficulty of finding a way to pay the bills. This is in direct conflict with our research and field-testing, that clearly identifies a robust collection of revenue models that are currently thriving in the local marketplace. So what gives?

How to Create Banner Ads that Work

Do you know the difference between a GOOD & BAD banner ad? And what exactly, makes that ad good or bad? Online design & copy can make or break your advertising campaign. WATCH VIDEO: How to make your banner ads ROCK !

Tribune WGN in Chicago. Web Sales Fail.

Selling premium online ad inventory for pennies. That’s something still happening at many local Newspaper, TV & Radio station websites. With all the advanced ad inventory systems available today, we scratch our head when we still see dumb inventory management. Even though we love that they use WordPress as a …

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Patch Pain Obscures Success of Indie Hyper local News

The rise and fall of PATCH, the hyper local news network from AOL is a red herring – a tactic to divert attention away from what really matters. While ink stained editors & broadcast newsrooms snicker at the mis-steps of the top heavy PATCH, there’s a growing cadre of lean …

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Local TV WCPO Readies Paywall. Advertisers Pack Bags?

The E.W. Scripps Co.-owned WCPO in Cincinnati will erect a traffic & advertiser killing paywall in January 2014. They call the paywall “the first-ever premium subscription service for a TV station’s digital content. We call it a really bad idea. Local TV adopts bad idea from failing Newspapers. Seems like the …

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Local TV Web Revenue Review. Media Kit 2013

Local TV is in our digital cross hairs this month. Click thru to watch a ONLINE MEDIA KIT review of TV station in Nashville. It’s true. Most broadcasters still stumble with online sales and digital strategy. That’s a fact most TV managers will never admit. But with private equity firms …

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Fixing Common TV Website Mistakes

For the most part, local TV station websites stink. I mean really stink to high heaven. Why do I say that? Well, because I spent a lot of time working with local TV and I saw the digital train wreck, up close. Where do I start? #1. TV still makes …

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