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Should Social Media Companies face Anti-Trust Laws?

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter control a majority of news and information around the globe. Should they get broken up? Have...

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Social Media Not Enough. Why Local Business needs a Professional Website

Relying entirely on social media is risky. No matter how free and easy, you don’t own your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...

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Political & Social Justice Activism: Another Nail in Newspaper’s Coffin

More local newspapers will shut down this year. Those still hanging on will either reduce pages or days of publication....

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Web 101 for Local Business Workshops

Why We Started Get Smart Digital

Frustrated by digital growth? So were we. That’s why we started Get Smart Digital. We’re all about local, online sales strategy…..that works...

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KMIR TV Website Review

How to fix common website errors. This video features the KMIR-TV Palm Springs Website Review from July 2012.

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Building Business on Facebook is Crazy

For years, we warned against trusting Facebook and other 3rd party platforms to build a business. We watched in astonishment...

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Hyper-Local News Websites, Work-Flow and WordPress. Fall 2019.

What have we learned over the past 6 months of managing hyper-local news sites in the Atlantic City area? Glad...

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What Happens When Local Newspapers Downsize or Shut Down.

Cities where newspapers shut down or downsize too much, see increase in government costs. Why? Lack of scrutiny over local...

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Hyper Local News Best Practices Spring 2019

Here’e a quick summary of best practices for those looking to succeed in the Hyper Local news & marketing space....

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Poynter Scandal – Why Very Few Trust Newspapers & Mainstream Media

The dying legacy media. Sad to watch our former information gatekeepers called newspaper, TV and Radio bleed jobs. Local newspapers...

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