What If Elon Musk bOUGHT your newspaper CompANY?

Elon Musk Newspapers
Twitter CEO, Elon Musk.

A few years back, I wrote a post called ‘If Steve Job Ran Your Newspaper, TV or Radio station.’

It was tough love for my media colleagues. Brutal, but needed.

Imagine if the man behind Paypal, Tesla and now Twitter, was your new boss.

What if the person who signs your check… supports the new owner of Twitter?

Elon Musk: your career savior, or worst nightmare. Your choice.

If Steve Jobs Ran Your Newspaper, TV or Radio Station

If Elon took control of your media property, plenty of crying and screaming for sure. Pink slips. Job re-assignments.

Once trusted media leaders, teachers, consultants and industry magazines no longer focus mainly on sustainable business models. Instead, they spend precious resources on social justice issues that divide and confuse. aka: Virtue signaling.

Why would a local newspaper spend so much time focused on national political news? Plenty of online options for that. Focus on local instead. Council votes. Zoning changes. School board battles. These meetings are no longer covered like before due to downsizing. With few watching, sloppy decision making using taxpayer funds. Most of these public meetings are streamed and archived online.

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