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Why We Started Get Smart Digital

Frustrated by digital growth? So were we. That’s why we started Get Smart Digital. We’re all about local, online sales strategy…..that works NOW…..not sometime in the future. We’re known for blunt, yet highly effective methods that push you to run your website as a ‘profit-first’ business. First, we remove common choke-points that stunt your digital growth. Then we…

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Borrell Reminds Radio That Digital Doom Still Lurking

Hear that giant sucking sound? That’s the noise of ad dollars flowing out of radio and newspaper, and into digital marketing products / solutions. Is radio & newspaper dead? Not entirely, but it’s quickly moving in that direction. Not only for readers and listeners, but primarily for advertisers, aka: small business owners. Gordon Borrell Still…

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News Talk Radio Stations Still Dropping Ball With Web.

After all these years, far too many radio station websites…suck….bad. And that’s too bad, especially for those AM news talk stations looking for relevance in a digital world. Didja know? News Talks radio stations have the BEST opportunity to leverage the Internet, and leap frog over the local newspapers competition. But are they doing it?…

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Disrupting Radio & Newspaper. Podcast Powers Web in Atlantic City

Guest interview on AC Primetime Radio. Playground Pier, Atlantic City. One of the most effective additions to our work with local news websites….has been ‘pod-casting’. Simply put, pod-casting is just audio and radio on-demand. It’s the ability to listen to your favorite radio station, on-air host or topic of choice…whenever and where ever you want….

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Radio Host Hosed by Facebook. The Risk & Reward of Social Media.

Local newspaper, broadcast and business beware. Over-reliance on social media like Facebook & Twitter could be hazardous to your health…of your business, that is. Just ask award-winning radio host, Harry Hurley. LISTEN BELOW > Known locally as the Mayor in the Morning, Hurley is the popular conservative talker on WPG Talk Radio, a part of…

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Newspaper, Radio & Business Hurt by New Facebook Rules

They did it again. Facebook, once again, changed the rules on how your social media posts are seen. But hey, what do you expect from a free service? Beware: Facebook & Social Media not cool with Newspaper publishers or local business. Yes. Your small business or media company is gonna take a hit by the…

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PODCAST Strategy for Newspaper and Radio Survival

Pod-casting is just one tactic that Newspapers are well qualified to leverage in their quest for re-invention…and survival. Radio and local advertisers would be wise to pay attention to how the Newspaper industry handles this opportunity. Print circulation is still falling. Readership and advertisers are moving online. In light of these facts, how can heritage…

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Small Business Marketing Makeover, Radio & Newspaper Decline

For decades, Radio and Newspaper advertising worked reasonably well for local business. Much of this success was due to the pseudo-monopoly held by media companies. (They controlled printing press & FCC controlled airwaves) Before the Internet became wide-spread and easy to use, business owners had no choice but to deal with fast-talking broadcast and newspaper…

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Radio, WordPress & Hyper-Local News

Most Radio station websites are a mess. Useless content and chaos, and they leave a butt load of money on the table. With Newspapers bleeding readers and revenue, Radio…..especially LIVE news & talk Radio, can literally fill that void left behind by the once mighty local Newspaper. WordPress is one of the best tools, if…