Borrell Reminds Radio That Digital Doom Still Lurking

Hear that giant sucking sound? That’s the noise of ad dollars flowing out of radio and newspaper, and into digital marketing products / solutions.

Is radio & newspaper dead? Not entirely, but it’s quickly moving in that direction. Not only for readers and listeners, but primarily for advertisers, aka: small business owners.

Gordon Borrell Still Warning Radio of Impending Digital Disaster

Watch this video from consultant Gordon Borrell. He recaps the challenges that Radio, TV and Newspapers still face, and the growing chasm between winners and losers in the digital marketing space.

The team at GetSmartDigital took Gordon Borrell‘s advice seriously, over 10 years ago. That’s why we built, and

Small and mid-size business ( SMB ) want to become more digital savvy. Some will handle the digital marketing of their business on their own, but most SMB’s will outsource the digital marketing of their business to a 3rd party with digital know-how.

What do SMB’s want?  Here’s a digital priority list for small business owners:

Professional Online Presence (50% of SMB’s still need this)

  • Easy to update Website or Landing page
  • Looks good on mobile devices
  • Low cost & simple
  • Integration with Facebook, Instagram, Linked-in, YouTube
  • Contact form
  • Email capture



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