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Your Banner Ads Suck. How to Fix Your Internet Marketing Plan.

Nothing kills Internet revenue for hyper local media…. like crappy banner design. You work so hard explaining the benefits of advertising on your local news-site. Then you blow it. You either have an overworked print designer create the banner, or you outsource the design work to someone who has no idea what the client wants….

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A Digital Sale is Made on Every Call

When a local advertiser tells you they’re not interested in web advertising or digital marketing…and you walk away….that’s a sale. They ‘sold’ you on the fact that the Internet is not important to their business. When the Publisher or GM convinces you that a paywall is good for your news site, that’s a sale. They ‘sold you’…

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Fix Your Media Kit….PLEASE!

Media kits are often overlooked tools in a local media sales operation. Oh sure, they’re chock full of data and awards about how awesome your local media company is. Unfortunately, the local advertiser doesn’t give a rat’s ass about your media company. They only care about one thing. Their business. Does your media kit show…

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How Newspapers Make Money with Online Video

YES, it’s true. Newspapers and other local media companies can make money with online video. Maybe not so much with pre-roll commercials….but there is big bucks with  advertiser-oriented video. Some call them “online info-mercials”. We call them information-based content packages that readers LOVE….and local businesses want to buy. Take a look at the video below….

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Why Newspaper needs WordPress as a CMS

Newspapers ( and broadcasters ) place a great deal of time, money and other resources into their content management system or CMS. It’s the central nervous system of the  news operation and it can make or break our online business model. The top 5 CMS issues that frustrate Publishers: Long-term contractual obligations. Limited functionality; expensive…

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Fixing Common Mistakes of Newspaper Websites

Before a local advertiser hands over a portion of their marketing budget, they will take a good hard look at your site. They’re not interested in pageviews and CPM’s. All they care about is whether or not the sales rep is going to make them look great online….which will lead to increased sales. Is your…

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Fixing Revenue Mistakes of Local TV Websites, KMIR

Local TV websites seem to be stuck …in regards to their online business models. After all that investment. After all those smart consultants providing direction and expensive research. After all those conferences. And still…..many local broadcasters are making the same (easy to fix) mistakes. We wonder if those in charge, are qualified to build their…