Your Banner Ads Suck. How to Fix Your Internet Marketing Plan.

Nothing kills Internet revenue for hyper local media…. like crappy banner design. You work so hard explaining the benefits of advertising on your local news-site. Then you blow it. You either have an overworked print designer create the banner, or you outsource the design work to someone who has no idea what the client wants. The result: your client looks like hell. Then they cancel.

How to fix bad banner ads.

Who should take primary responsibility for making hyper local clients look great online?

  • Client? Nope. They have little or no idea about design, copy-writing, or what a ‘call to action’ is. They need help.
  • Graphic Designer? Nope. They just want want to quickly crank out the banner, and move onto the next one. They might just squeeze then entire print ad into the banner….and that’s cause for dismissal in my book.
  • Web Master? Nope. They’re busy with catering to the newsroom editor’s whims.
  • Editor? Nope. They hate advertising. They would prefer to just focus on pay-walls.
  • Sales Rep?  Bingo. They should know everything about the client’s need. Does client want branding, message awareness or direct response? What image to use? What copy points would work best? What should the ‘call to action’ be?

Watch video below.  Are you guilty of these hyper local website sins?

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