Why Newspaper needs WordPress as a CMS

Newspapers ( and broadcasters ) place a great deal of time, money and other resources into their content management system or CMS. It’s the central nervous system of the  news operation and it can make or break our online business model.

The top 5 CMS issues that frustrate Publishers:

  • Long-term contractual obligations.
  • Limited functionality; expensive to upgrade or customize.
  • Newsroom-only focus. Rarely used by sales and marketing.
  • One size fits all. Format and layout geared towards general market.
  • Locked into proprietary system. Difficult to exit and move to other solutions.

Why many of our clients are considering WordPress.

  • Open source and free
  • Plug-ins for advanced functionality always being developed
  • Easy to use for all staff, not just editorial & programming staff
  • SEO friendly. Naturally ranks well with Google
  • Easy to customize, tweak and upgrade…on YOUR schedule
  • Integrates with most software
  • Fast growing user base and expert community

WordPress is a very popular CMS

  • Honda, NFL, CNN, Ford, The New York Times, and NASA are using WordPress

We highly recommend WordPress themes from StudioPress 101

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