Hyper Local News & Marketing Update Spring 2024

Growth of Hyper-Local.

Some hyper-local trends and tactics we’ve tracked over the past year.

For local papers, watchdog journalism still key to survival. Newspapers either forgot how to do that, or they’re not allowed to do that, as per their advertisers.

See Watchdog Journalism in action. Sketchy Margate NJ Zoning moves.

AOL tried hyperlocal with an early version of PATCH. During my meeting with them in 2010, I vividly recall their desire to monetize via CPM. Cost per thousand. I disagreed.

Why commoditize your inventory?

Our trip to AOL.

2022-2024: Newspapers keep getting shuttered, or severely scaled back. The once great Press of Atlantic City now only prints three days a week. Subscribers receive their newspaper via mail carrier. The online version locked behind a paywall. Recipe for disaster.

Even small town weeklies hit hard as print, ink, delivery, and most production costs increase.

Current recession accelerating demise of old school media.

Gordon Borrell.

Open Source CMS, content management system.

The WordPress CMS, online publishing platform, now powering over 40% of all websites around the world.

Email remains a most powerful tool. You get to own that subscriber database. Not a third party like FB.

Backpack journalism. VJ’s. Video streaming, Podcasts. One man bands. Smart Phones for creating compelling content on the cheap. Rosenblum a pioneer in this space.

VJ Pioneer Mike Rosenblum.

Search optimized content still rules.

Our favorite tools:

  • Rodecaster Pro 2 Audio Mixer
  • Streamyard Streaming
  • Canva Design
  • Mailer-Lite Email Marketing
  • Cloudways Hosting

Social Media proving to be a big, giant, bait and switch. You got 10,000 followers, but only 500 see your posts. Gotta pay to boost.

Our Hyperlocal Sites.

AI. Artificial Intelligence. Can be helpful, but not yet a full replacement of humanity. Nothing worse than watching AI generated news. This will not save local newspapers.

Cannabis advertising. Who da thunk it?

Still shaking our head. How woke many of our journalism heroes remain. Tenured professors always talking politics instead of business models for survival.

Jeff Jarvis.

As newspaper and broadcast industries collapse, many still hang onto failing DEI doctrine. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Not a good hill to die on. Mandating DEI training. History will not look back fondly on this era of stupidity.

Forcing experimental jabs on employees.

Traditional mainstream media deserves much of the blame. Many were ‘captured’. Compelled to share propaganda, or else.

Some, like AUDACY, forced to bend the knee for survival. Taking money from activists.

Need funding and access to capital markets? Tell stockholders you’re gonna fire all those experienced guys in the C-suite. See: Hard Rock Casino, Black Rock.

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