Course Catalog

Web Sales 101

Internet Vocabulary
Google and Search
Manage Client Expectations
Digital Competition
How Local Biz uses Web
Web Sales 201

Overcome Objections
Sales Call Prep
Ad Units & Placement
Sales Call /Presentation Skills
Online Creatives & Copy
Web Sales 301

Facebook and Social Media
Online Video; YouTube
Email and Database
Mobile, Tablet, SMS
Integrated Web Programs
Web Sales 401

Daily Deals
Web Contests & Promotions
Sell against other media
Sell against Yellow Pages
Sales Management

Packages & Pricing
Inventory Management
Ad Units & Placement
Contracts, Terms, Conditions
Advanced Sales

Online Advertising Networks
Reverse Publishing
Digital Marketing Services
Tablets and Pay walls
Newsroom Basics

Layout, Functionality
Social; Facebook and Twitter
Writing for Web
Online Video & YouTube
SEO for Newsrooms
Writing for Web
News Management

Digital-First Strategy
Offline & Digital Workflow
Site design, Site Functionality
Aggregation, Bloggers
Online Style Guide
Hyper-Local Opportunities
Publishers & GM’s Only

Profit-first Business Models
Staffing & Job Descriptions
Compensation & Budgets
Staff Structure-Workflow
Outsource, Partner, Vendor
Cost Reduction-Operations

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