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Shit Hitting Fan for Local Media

The shit is really starting to hit the fan for local media. This time, with more shit and a more powerful fan. Newspaper, Radio & TV managers are in a heightened state of panic due to their lack of digital revenue success. Pink slips are flying, private equity is taking over, and being a digital …

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Patch, Reach Local & Pandora

The new, local online competition; more than just the other newspaper or TV station across the street. Outsiders like Patch, Reach Local, Groupon and Pandora are hell-bent on siphoning ad dollars in local markets. Even independent, hyperlocal sites are grabbing bigger shares of small business marketing budgets. Local Market Web Competition 9.12.10

Local Media…The Digital Land Grab.

WE ARE SPARTANS ! So goes the battle cry from the movie….. ‘300’. Spartans are a proud people protecting their land and way of life from the incoming Persians. Do I smell a historical analogy coming on ? The Spartans: Local TV, Radio and Newspaper properties. They’ve had a very nice run for the past 50 to …

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