103.9 WDRE Rock of the 90’s

WDRE Philadelphia Mel Toxic

The station was bought in October of 1992 by Jarad Broadcasting, and on November 9, 1992, 92.7 WDRE Garden City, New York started simulcasting its programming with WIBF-FM, and shortly after the simulcast began, WIBF’s branding was changed to WDRE to match the New York station.

It was decided however in 1995 that WDRE New York would change its call letters back to WLIR, thus making WDRE in Philadelphia an independent local modern rock station; WIBF-FM then changed its own callsign to WDRE to match its branding.

WDRE was branded as “Philly’s Modern Rock”.The station helped launch the careers of many famous disc jockeys and local personalities. They include Preston Elliot and Steve Morrison of the Preston and Steve morning show on 93.3 WMMR Philadelphia, Bret Hamilton of WCAU-TV, Marilyn Russell (formerly of Y100, WXPN, WMGK), Jim McGuinn (also known as Rumour Boy), the former Program Director of WPLY Y100 Philadelphia, and Mel “Toxic” Taylor who went on to WYSP Philadelphia.

Veteran Philadelphia DJ Mel “Toxic” Taylor
(WPST, WIFI), was the first DJ hired for the only 2 local shows that would be live from Philadelphia each week.http://youtu.be/bZ9-ELstmjkhttp://youtu.be/u5wZu3dyWSU

3 thoughts on “103.9 WDRE Rock of the 90’s”

  1. Was just reminiscing with my wife about me and my friend taking doughnuts and hustler mag to Sarah spike and vinny on the morning show one time.

  2. ‘Dre and Y100 were THE stations to hear the music of US,tunes that were for people under 30 who wanted to have music that just was NOT available in the awful 80s. When first one and then the other fell…they were truly never replaced. 94’WSP played some cool stuff (and Loud and Local every Sunday at 10 was a winner),but I didn’t want my then-modern Alt mixed in a playlist with Zeppelin and the Stones and whatnot. I wanted another modern rock station,but it truly never happened. At work these days,I usually leave it on 104.5,but listening to contemporary Alternative these days is like combing the beach for shells. There ARE some good ones,but a LOT of ‘sand’ in between them.

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