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Is WordPress a Local Newspaper & Radio Killer?

Some call WordPress a ‘Local Newspaper Killer’. The open source, online publishing platform just turned 12, and it keeps getting better with age. WordPress levels the …

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If Steve Jobs Ran Your Newspaper, TV or Radio Station

Loved the movie ‘JOBS’. Reminds me of this article I wrote a while back. But first… a look at the JOBS movie trailer: The story of …

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Newspaper, TV & Radio Disrupted by Fast Moving WordPress

WordPress on a tear. Local TV, Radio and Newspapers are taking notice. Well, at least the smarts ones are. To date, this open-source platform called WordPress …

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Online Disruption: Local Media Screwed?

Not so long ago, small business was at the mercy of Newspaper, TV & Radio. If you needed to advertise your Italian restaurant or car dealership, …

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WordPress: Save Money. Make Money

Most local media companies still rely on expensive & proprietary CMS; Content Management Systems, for their digital content. Recently, CBS & Tribune smartly made the switch …

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Info-graphics. Local News Simplified.

We love info-graphics. This visual story telling is a great way to explain a complex idea, concept or piece of journalism through the use of imagery, …

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A Digital Sale is Made on Every Call

When a local advertiser tells you they’re not interested in web advertising or digital marketing…and you walk away….that’s a sale. They ‘sold’ you on the fact that …

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7 Habits of Profitable, Hyper Local News

Still no sustainable business model for online news? That’s crazy talk!

Quite often, we read reports of online editorial success and greater activity in the hyper-local space. Far too many announcements include remarks about revenue plans being explored, or the difficulty of finding a way to pay the bills. This is in direct conflict with our research and field-testing, that clearly identifies a robust collection of revenue models that are currently thriving in the local marketplace. So what gives?

Moneyball: Fixing Newspaper Web Sales

Traditional Newspaper management is just like the old guard in Baseball. That’s what you’ll think after watching Moneyball starring Brad Pitt as Oakland A’s general manager; …

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Tribune WGN in Chicago. Web Sales Fail.

Selling premium online ad inventory for pennies. That’s something still happening at many local Newspaper, TV & Radio station websites. With all the advanced ad inventory …

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