WordPress: Save Money. Make Money

Many local media companies still rely on expensive & proprietary CMS; Content Management Systems, for their digital content platforms. Recently, CBS & Tribune smartly made the switch to WordPress.

As Newspaper, TV and Radio see their local share of online revenue continue to slide, it’s even more important to cut expenses to the bone… without hurting digital operations. If possible, it’s also best to beef up content creation on the cheap.

WordPress is an open source, content management system.

It’s now 10 years old and already powers over 25% of the Internet. 69% of WordPress users are using it as a fully-fledged CMS, as opposed to just a simple blogging platform.

Why do we talk about WordPress so much? It’s not just due to it’s ease of use, it’s power, it’s ability to quickly scale and the low cost. But rather, we love WordPress’s ability to be easily adopted by every department at your local media company, not just the newsroom. WATCH VIDEO BELOW.

We can show you how to quickly adopt WordPress at your newspaper or broadcast operation. We’ll also show you how to take advantage of the silly newspaper pay-wall in your market.

Sales, marketing and promotions execs can quickly build a WordPress site or landing page whenever they want, without having to ask the IT department or VP of Digital.

  • Need a quick site for a real estate agent? Build a search optimized, Real Estate Lead Capture Landing Page.
  • Want to offer online video & web services to local business? Build an Online Video Landing Page.
  • Are you the local radio station in town with live news & talk, but a totally lame website? Build a hyper-local site like this: www.BrigantineNOW.com
  • How would you like to steal share away from Craigslist or For Sale By Owner? Create a self-serve real estate site like this.

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