RIP Digital First Media. WordPress to the Rescue.

John Paton and the really smart editorial/content crew at Digital First Media gave it a good shot.

A really good shot. That was still not enough. (WATCH VIDEO) The private equity ( Alden Global Capital ) backed media company couldn’t hang any longer. Mr. Paton was forced to send out pink slips. He’s now prepping  to sell off the newspapers. That fact brings us no joy. Lot’s of good people there.

To this day, too many local newspaper & broadcast companies still delegate the critical task of creating sustainable, digital revenue models to those with little or no background in sales or new business development. I don’t make many newsroom friends when I state that simple fact. But it’s the 800 lb gorilla in the room.

The role of digital leader typically goes to someone that came up through tech, programming or the newsroom. Rarely, do we see a seasoned ad director or sales manager lead the charge for online success.

That’s why we spent so much time learning WordPress over the past 5 years.  We wanted to see if we could drive revenue via online content, without the blessing of a newsroom, research consultant, tenured professor or a tired local media association.

WordPress helps independent publishers easily create revenue focused projects….fast. BrigantineNOW is just one example of a local media success with these new and much cheaper, digital tools.

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