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Radio Host Hosed by Facebook. The Risk & Reward of Social Media.

Local newspaper, broadcast and business beware. Over-reliance on social media like Facebook & Twitter could be hazardous to your health…of your business, that is. Just ask award-winning radio host, Harry Hurley. LISTEN BELOW > Known locally as the Mayor in the Morning, Hurley is the popular conservative talker on WPG Talk Radio, a part of …Read More

Newspaper’s Potentially Fatal Move with Facebook

Really smart people… sometimes make…. not-so-smart decisions. This thought came to mind as I witness Newspaper companies increasingly cede control of their most important asset: local reader and advertiser relationships. Facebook Instant Articles is the latest crack cocaine being offered as a free taste from Mark Zuckerberg. Once sampled, this content-sucking platform is quickly embraced …Read More

Disrupting Radio. Podcast Powers Web in Atlantic City

Guest interview on AC Primetime Radio. Playground Pier in Atlantic City. One of the most effective additions to our work with local news websites….has been ‘pod-casting’. Simply put, pod-casting is just audio and radio on-demand. It’s the ability to listen to your favorite radio station, on-air host or topic of choice…whenever and where ever you …Read More