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Get Smart Digital & Mel Taylor POPULAR POSTS

  • RIP Digital First Media. WordPress to the Rescue.


    John Paton and the really smart editorial/content crew at Digital First Media gave it a good shot. A really good shot. That was still not enough. (WATCH VIDEO) The private equity ( Alden Global Capital ) backed media company couldn’t hang any longer. Mr. Paton was forced to send out pink slips. He’s now prepping […]

  • WGN Tribune in Chicago. WordPress Review.


    CBS & Tribune are adopting WordPress as a CMS; Content Management System. We love that fact. Now, we want to make sure they’re using this amazing publishing platform the right way. Are they teaching sales & marketing execs how to use it? Let’s review WGN in Chicago.

  • Review: How CBS Hires WordPress Engineers.


    In this short video, we take a look a how CBS describes a job opening for WordPress Engineers. While it’s nice to see WordPress being used by local media more often, that’s just one piece of the puzzle. Using WordPress the right way is critical.

  • WordPress: Save Money. Make Money


    Most local media companies still rely on expensive & proprietary CMS; Content Management Systems, for their digital content. Recently, CBS & Tribune smartly made the switch to WordPress. As Newspaper, TV and Radio see their local share of online revenue continue to slide, it’s even more important to cut expenses to the bone without hurting […]

  • Local Newspaper & TV Still Use Failing CPM Model


    Some (too many) local news sites are still practicing outdated methods of pricing their ad inventory. Specifically, the CPM or cost per thousand model of online pricing. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal highlighted this crisis via the explosion of news sites and the Ad inventory contained within, along with automated ad exchanges […]

  • Newspaper, TV & Radio Disrupted by Fast Moving WordPress


    WordPress is on a tear and local TV, Radio and Newspapers are taking notice. Well, at least the smarts ones are. To date, this open-source platform called WordPress has been adopted and endorsed by most CBS Broadcast properties, as well as divisions within The New York Times, People Magazine and other media orgs with brains […]

  • Why Newspaper, TV & Radio Must Become Digital Agencies


    Smart Newspapers are moving fast into the world of local, digital marketing services. They have to. They have no choice. No longer can Newspaper only push print ads and banner campaigns on the local business community. Newspaper is leading the local pack, but that’s not saying much. TV and Radio are just now….waking up to […]

  • Your Banner Ads Suck. Really.


    Nothing kills Internet revenue for hyper local media…. like crappy banner design. You work so hard explaining the benefits of advertising on your local news-site. Then you blow it. You either have an overworked print designer create the banner, or you outsource the design work to someone who has no idea what the client wants. […]

  • Local TV & Web. The Enemy Within.


    Local TV & Web sales strategy. An oxymoron. Oil and water. Can’t mix. Internet sales at the hyper local level is serious business. One caveat though. That’s true only if you’re an owner or financial stakeholder in the media property. Let’s take a quick look at a video produced by the TVB….then we’ll enjoy the […]

  • Local TV Web Revenue Review. Media Kit 2013


    Local TV is in our digital cross hairs this month. Click thru to watch a ONLINE MEDIA KIT review of TV station in Nashville. It’s true. Most broadcasters still stumble with online sales and digital strategy. That’s a fact most TV managers will never admit. But with private equity firms snapping up local Newspaper, TV […]

  • Local TV Website Revenue Review. Sept 2013


    After all these years of trying, is local TV finally doing a good job with hyper-local digital sales? Hell no. Most local TV stations, as well as Radio and Newspaper, are still leaving a ton of web revenue on the table. Even though most are increasing online revenue, these numbers are coming off of minuscule […]

  • Case Study: Custom Radio & WordPress Sales Program


    Radio stations (and TV/Newspaper) suffer from websites controlled by non-sales execs. That’s the #1 reason why most digital sales efforts of broadcasters…. really stink. Click thru to WATCH VIDEO… Think about it. A radio or TV station is run by a profit focused, general manager….not a program director. A newspaper is run by a business […]