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Web Advisory: Local Media

Basic & Advanced Web Sales. Turn your sales reps into confident ‘multi-media consultants’. Our sessions feature: overcoming common objections, cross platform solutions, sales call prep, packaging & bundling, social/mobile/video, taking share … Learn More...

Web 101 for Local Business

As a former Online Sales Director in Philadelphia, I was invited to speak at a local chamber of commerce. A group of local business owners wanted to learn about digital marketing and how Internet marketing could help their business. When my talk was … Learn More...

Digital Training & Coaching

Why Get Smart Digital Training? We're Proven. Convenient. Cost effective. We'll turn your staff into multi-platform, Internet-savvy professionals > Position your operation to grow share of online revenue > A real-world and proven system, … Learn More...

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If Steve Jobs Ran Your Newspaper

Loved the movie 'JOBS'. Reminds me of this article I wrote a while back. But first... a look at the JOBS movie trailer: The story of Steve Jobs is beyond epic. There’s not many who could change the world of personal computers, music, phones … [Read More...]