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Why Use WordPress?

Why Use WordPress? Whether you’re looking to use it for your small business’s main website or as a blog, there are a couple of reasons to consider using WordPress. WordPress is a free and open-source blogging and content-management system being used by more than 18% of the world’s top 10 million websites. It’s …

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The Basics of Linked-in

Linked-in is the most used tool for recruiters, HR execs and anyone that considers themselves a professional. Linked-in is MORE than just a business version of Facebook. And being on Facebook DOES NOT mean that you are looking for a job. So chill. Watch this video on how to get …

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Why Hyper Local Websites Fail

FROM THE ARCHIVES. DEC 2010. Jim Brady abruptly exited Strange since the site was only up and running for about 3 months and had almost everything it needed to succeed. Almost everything. Now we find that TBD has pulled the plug on the hyper local ad & blogger network …

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Why Newspaper, TV & Radio Must Become Digital Agencies

Smart Newspapers are moving fast into the world of local, digital marketing services. They have to. They have no choice. No longer can Newspaper only push print ads and banner campaigns on the local business community. Newspaper is leading the local pack, but that’s not saying much. TV and Radio …

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How to Price & Position your Hyperlocal Online Inventory.

Students of our online training courses & traveling workshops already know secret about pricing online inventory. Well, it’s not really a secret. It’s a public fact that many in traditional media would prefer to ignore. Smart TV, Radio & Newspaper execs already know that you should treat your digital sales …

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Local TV Web Revenue Review. Media Kit 2013

Local TV is in our digital cross hairs this month. Click thru to watch a ONLINE MEDIA KIT review of TV station in Nashville. It’s true. Most broadcasters still stumble with online sales and digital strategy. That’s a fact most TV managers will never admit. But with private equity firms …

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EPIC FAIL: Separate Digital Sales Teams

Did this happen at your Newspaper, TV or Radio station? Consultants told you to hire a separate digital sales staff to win online. You were told that traditional staffs could never sell interactive marketing to local business. So, upon that consultant’s recommendation, you hastily hired a bunch of hip 20-somethings …

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Habits of Profitable Local News Sites

What makes a local web strategy successful? It’s more that just growing page views, Facebook fans and winning industry accolades. Successful Newspaper, TV, Radio…and hyper local sites…. all have one thing in common: Lead by one person who has the absolute authority to do what it takes… to turn a profit …

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Selling CPM: How to Kill Local Media

We hope Broadcast and Newspaper execs fully understand why Yahoo! is hurting. YAHOO! relies heavily on pageviews, commodity content and CPM or ‘cost per thousand’ selling of banner ad inventory. With online ad inventory growing everyday, that creates a glut. When ever there’s too much of something, the value goes …

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