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Jeff Jarvis, CUNY. Hyper Local News and Revenue. Looking Back.

Back in 2009, J-school professor; Jeff Jarvis, and Mark Potts of BackFence fame, asked me to contribute some online sales expertise to their ongoing research in hyper-local business models for news. These meetings, held at CUNY (City University of New York) were chock full of academics, journalists, investment and editorial …

Newspapers Had Plenty of Warning. Could Have Been Local Online Powerhouses

Back in 2009, I was invited to moderate a panel at a newspaper conference in Hershey, Pa. The session was called: Best Practices of Successful …

Best Practices 2018. Hyper Local News and Marketing Strategy.

What have we learned about managing a WordPress powered, hyper-local news and info website since 2011? The following is a list of best practices. Ignore …

Hyper-Local Ads and Editorial Graphics

Design and development of graphics is a critical part of any website management plan. It’s even more important for those running Hyper-Local news & info …

Innovators Dilemma Predicted The Demise and Fall of Old Media

The old school media death rattle is getting louder. Once trusted sources of information, local newspapers are either shutting down or dramatically scaling back their …

Shit Hitting Fan for Local Media

The shit is really starting to hit the fan for local media. This time, with more shit and a more powerful fan. Newspaper, Radio & …

How To Fix TOP 5 Small Business Web Marketing Problems

After all these years, do small businesses STILL struggle with common internet marketing challenges? Yes, many still do. When made aware of their web marketing …

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