How to Build a Successful Hyper-Local News Website

With the decline of traditional media like Newspaper, Radio and TV, how do communities keep track of trusted / relevant, news and information?

Obviously, the Internet plays a major role here. While some think social media will accomplish that task, recent history exposes the limitations and inherent risk of placing too much reliance on digital platforms Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

So… what to do? We believe independent hyper-local websites, managed by trusted and incorruptible community members, is the best way to go.

Actually living in the community you cover, is best. How do we know? Get Smart Digital has built and managed hyper-local news and info websites since 2011. and are two of the most popular and successful.

Basic Hyper-Local Tools & Tactics Include:

  • Self-hosted WordPress as the CMS, Content Management System.
  • Email Newsletters. Non-sexy, old school tactic that works. Recognized as most effective way to reach like-minded individuals via opt-in subscription.
  • Podcasting & Video
  • Less reliance on Social Media

Stay tuned as we share more REAL TIME experiences. We’re on a quest to define sustainable business models for hyper-local news & info websites. We’ve been at it since 2011. We have the scars to prove it.

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