America East Newspapers: Tribune Offers Digital Marketing

This hot topic will be discussed during my totally awesome session at the upcoming America East, Newspaper Conference in Hershey, PA. on APRIL 9.

Tribune Publishing will start selling a portfolio of online marketing tools to local business. Tribune is doing a partnership with Hearst’s digital marketing company – LocalEdge. Tony Hunter; CEO of Tribune Publishing is pumped. So is Mark Aldam, President of Hearst Newspapers Division.

The services will include:

  • Website Design & Hosting
  • Online Video
  • Search Engine Marketing & Optimization
  • Social Media & Email Marketing

The service will includes a customer-facing dashboard to allow businesses to monitor their campaign. ( Between you, me, and the lamp post…..clients don’t really want to do that stuff. Your SALES REPS should take that responsibility)

This stuff is really important. has been dominating this space for years. Mel Taylor Media is hip to this stuff too, as we’ve been teaching local business chambers and business associations how to do this son their own.

Mel Taylor Media shows local media companies how to take it in-house….using WordPress, Aweber, Vimeo, etc. We’ll do a session about this….at America East in Hershey on April 9.

P.S…..We don’t like it when an outside company starts a relationship with our local clients, or has access to local client data.

Watch this video….about local digital services……

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