Building Business on Facebook is Crazy

For years, we warned against trusting Facebook and other 3rd party platforms to build a business. We watched in astonishment as newspaper execs, radio owners and small business operators thought the ‘free’ platforms of Facebook, Twitter & Youtube were a gift from heaven. These folks would ignore our warnings. Some would go so far as to have their sales teams actually pitch this stuff to their own local clients. Some media execs would allow 3rd parties to build a relationship with these local advertisers. Insane.

We know too many on-air radio hosts that tell listeners to visit their Facebook page…..instead of their own radio station website.

See: Digital Share-Cropping

Why building a business that’s dependent on Facebook is crazy.

Digiday editor in chief Brian Morrissey says publishers were naïve if they didn’t think Facebook would eventually put its own interests above theirs.

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