Newspaper’s Long Decline

Newspaper websites continue their long, slow decline into obscurity. Sure, some will remain strong. But far too many are making critical mistakes at the absolute wrong time. While publishers spend money on useless research and conferences, independent blogs and online specialty sites continue to eat away at their local advertising share.

Google is on the local move. Google’s plan is to teach small business about digital marketing, and set up a free site for them. This allows the search giant to build relationships with local business operators. Think many Newspaper leaders are paying attention? Nope. They’re too busy listening to Bob Garfield pontificate. Is Bob going to help you drive digital revenue? Then why pay to listen to pundits like him?

Independent operators like are growing revenues by focusing on local advertisers. This is in direct contrast to what many big newspapers focus on…..politically motivated agendas directed by beaten down newsroom personnel.

How does Hyper-Local win? By helping the local advertiser succeed. 

Our favorite, totally insane mistakes made by Newspapers:

  1. Paywalls & Newsroom driven, sales models
  2. CPM selling & un-motivated sales reps
  3. Horrific online AD management
  4. Digitally clueless Publishers
  5. Salaried VP’s of Digital
Take a look at this recent DIGITAL AUDIT of the Press of Atlantic City. Watch Video Below.

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