Even New York Times Admits Digital Deliquency

Don’t feel so bad about your website. Even the New York Times admits that their digital business model & execution is seriously lacking. That’s according to this infamous ‘leaked’ report that documents the paper’s struggle to embrace and succeed at online publishing.

None of this stuff is a surprise. To us anyway. Secretly, those inside many local media companies will admit that they too, suffer from the same issues as The New York Times. But as long as they sell a few banner ads and juggle some client dollars into the digital revenue buckets, all will be cool. But that only lasts so long.

Some of us knew back then, that traditional media was vulnerable to this over-confidence. Time to pay the piper?

Even with deep pockets, smart content creators, and the biggest, most recognizable name in news…..you can blow it and lose your audience, advertisers and business.

Some take-aways…

  • Leverage your amazing archives
  • Questionnaires invite engagement & valuable market data
  • Leverage Social, but don’t over rely on Facebook
  • Personalization for users
  • Better tagging & category use

The Full New York Times Innovation Report

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