Go Direct. Hyper Local Roadmap to Revenue

We’ve been laying low for a while. That’s because our work with local websites has taken a much needed turn for the better. Instead of exclusively working with local media…we now GO DIRECT.

We now do more work with local advertisers, business chambers and small municipalities. Why? That’s where the money is.

The Web allows the small business to become their own publisher & broadcaster. The web allows them to ‘control their narrative’. Tools like WordPress & Aweber Email have made it incredibly simple & cheap to market, promote and engage with customers.

These are the services that Newspaper & Broadcasters used to offer local business, exclusively. Local media used to have a monopoly on this stuff, but no more.

Need proof?

Look at this growing pile of local media road kill: John Paton’s Journal Register, Advance Publications scaling back on publishing days, and the profitable Press of Atlantic City said goodbye to Publisher; Keith Dawn for not building a more attractive revenue & digital trajectory.

The inability to properly monetize digital and cross-platform opportunities is what’s hurting traditional companies & executives like these. And no matter what any Web guru or CEO preaches, local media continues to lose reader & advertiser share. It’s like beating a dead horse.

Even after our 10+ years of training local newspaper, TV & Radio execs on how to build profitable online business models, only a few fully commit to online success. It’s not their fault though. They still make too much money the old fashioned way. And that’s cool. Totally makes sense from their perspective and proximity to retirement.

That conundrum provides for a really sweet opportunity…..for folks like us….and for smarty pants execs like you who read my stuff.

Instead of trying to cajole, convince, encourage and persuade local media execs to adopt a more web savvy sales approach, we’ve decided to pivot. Now we go direct…straight to where the money is: the local advertiser. No need for a middle man.

Our work with www.BrigantineNOW.com has spawned lot’s of new interest in this way of thinking.

We’ll share details on our new strategy at the upcoming 2013 America East Newspaper Conference in Hershey, Pa. Details here.

Thanks to Dr. Sharon Melnick for the GO DIRECT inspiration. Sample her new book here.  

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