Helping Realtors with Digital Marketing

Real Estate agents will need more digital skills if they want to survive over the next 10 years. Slapping a listing in the MLS and the local Newspaper  just doesn’t work so well anymore. Why not help the local Realtor with this challenge?

Home sellers want to know their Realtor is up on digital marketing. The National Association of Realtors say that 90% of home buyers are using the web in their search. Only 2% said that Newspaper was important in the search.

Realtors need knowledge of SEO, Facebook, Email and other digital marketing tools. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to build dedicated sites for a property. Why? Most Real Estate sites are a train wreck. Way too much info & non-relevant garbage. Why not build sites for the local Realtor?

Home sellers use Google to ‘pre-qualify’ a real estate professional. How good do you look online? Hopefully, you have plenty of keywords on your site to improve the SEO so that the home seller can find you, and give you their listing.

Here’s a video clip from a recent webinar we did for local Realtors.

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