The Massive Fail of Growing Facebook Fans

Still think Facebook is the ultimate marketing tool? So do many others that were lured into the bait n switch world of Mark Zuckerberg. It’s fast, easy and free. What’s not to like?

Well for one thing, even though it’s free, a typical Facebook post is seen by less than 20% of followers. Ouch. Want it seen by more? You’ ll have to pay for that privilege.

To be sure, we still think you should leverage Facebook and other social media to grow your own traffic & email list. It’s best to take advantage of Facebook, rather than Facebook taking advantage of you. Placing all your marketing eggs in that one basket called Facebook, is recipe for disaster.

So, why do most Newspaper, TV and Radio station websites still focus on growing Facebook fans? Why do small business owners do the same thing? Good question. Growing your EMAIL LIST should be a top priority. That’s all yours….not Zuck’s.

Watch this video from advertising executive, Bob Hoffman.

During a keynote speech at AD WEEK 2014 in Europe, Bob exposed the BULLSHIT of Social Media.


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