NAB Radio & TV Executive Web Training

National Association of BroadcastersWhen it comes to Internet business models for broadcasters, one size does not fit all. We’re looking forward to addressing this critical issue when we conduct a special training session for the NAB; National Association of Broadcasters, on July 28 in Washington, DC.

This fact-based session will feature a comprehensive overview of the leading online business models gaining traction in the marketplace today. Specific steps and rationale will be presented on how broadcasters can select and implement the most appropriate of these models for their specific properties and competitive environment.

Steps, case studies and recommendations will be presented through the prism of general management, programming, sales and marketing benefits. Additional topics to be covered in this session include:

  • Using the web as a tool to grow overall share
  • Inventory management, pricing and packaging
  • Should you buy, build or partner?
  • HR, job descriptions, compensation
  • Technology and vendors: pros and cons
  • Overcoming the new, common client objections
  • Social, video, mobile, database
  • Hyper-local ad and content networks

Whether you’re looking to manage your financial reports, your Digital business, facilities or your people, the NAB Executive Development Seminar gives you the tools & training to broaden your business skills and enhance your overall business value.

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