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Attending city council meetings = Stupid. Recording them from home via U-stream = Smart. Remixing them = Priceless.

Most city council meetings are painful, boring and mindless. But on occasion, someone says some stupid. Really stupid. Sometimes it could lead to their downfall.

While recording a Brigantine City Council meeting a few weeks back, my jaw dropped when I heard the Mayor say that he didn’t know who signed off on Fire Department overtime pay. Seems the FD captains were handling that sweet chore all by themselves, potentially helping themselves to annual salaries of $130,000 or more.

I grabbed the video via the U-stream webcast. I was in Philly. The council meeting was 90 miles away in Brigantine, NJ.

I decided to do a little ‘mash-up’ showing how taxpayer dollars were potentially being misused.

WATCH VIDEO: Abbott & Costello Explain Brigantine Overtime Scandal.

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