Newspaper Web Conference: E-EDGE

It’s no secret. I’m bullish on the future of Newspapers. Not only in it’s current print form, but it’s future as hyper-local, multi-media news/info organizations.

Reverse publishing strategy, development of PROFITABLE online video/audio applications, and the re-training/re-deployment of sales & editorial staffs are just some of the areas that I am very enthusiastic about. So, I’ve ramped up my efforts in moderating more conferences that focus on these emerging, revenue generating trends.

Whether you’re a Newspaper exec, or you’re competing against them, you’ ll want to attend this important Web-focused conference. It’s called “e-Edge”. It’s part of the upcoming America East Newspaper Conference, starting March 10, in Hershey, Pa.

I’ll be moderating a panel called “Peek under the Hood”. It’s a look at what Radio & TV are doing to attract business to their websites, and how Newspaper is successfully fighting back with innovative video and audio initiatives.

The panel features:

  • Mike Sechrist; former GM of WKRN-TV in Nashville. This web-savvy TV veteran is THE pioneer in the world of TV and Internet. Notable achievements: the local blogger aggregation of Nashville is Talking, and installing the controversial, yet smart VJ/Mobile Journalist model into the newsroom. Mike will highlight some ways that Newspaper can pull advertising dollars away from local TV and Cable.
  • Ron James, Content Manager, Ron oversees the San Diego Union Tribune’s groundbreaking online radio efforts;, and Radio is asleep at the wheel in this area, and Newspapers are moving quickly into this space. Ron will share his experience in the start-up efforts, and evolving strategy behind Newspaper’s revenue driven move, into online Radio and Podcasting.
  • Ken Dardis, VP, Marketing, Spacial Audio. A veteran radio broadcaster that has lead the charge in helping Radio evolve it’s mature business model to the Web. Ken will share his thoughts on where Radio is going in regards to the Internet, and where they’re making HUGE mistakes.